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The Religion of Judaism
• The Mogen David, or
Star of David, is the
central symbol of
Judaism. The star is
the sign of the house
of David, the family
that produced the
kings of Biblical
• This is the oldest religions.
• The followers of this religion are called
Holy Book
Their holy book is called the TeNaKh.
Contains the Old Testament
It is in written Hebrew.
This book has three parts
– Torah: The most important part of the book. It
contains stories of ancient Hebrews and
Hebrew law.
– Nevi’im: History of Hebrew prophets
– Ketuvim: writings including psalms, or
prayers written in song or poem form.
Religious Figures
• Abraham: Founder of Judaism
• Moses: Most important prophet. Jews
believe that God gave Moses the Torah
Key Beliefs
– The Sabbath Day is holy. Rest and pray
Friday evening to Saturday evening.
– Services are help in a synagogue on Friday,
PM and Saturday AM
– A Rabbi leads the service
– Jerusalem is a sacred city
– Hebrew is the sacred language
- There are 613 commandments or laws
- Live a good moral life
Practices and Rituals
• Fast during the holiday of Yom Kippur to
atone for bad acts.
• Give to the needy
• Jews should eat Kosher foods.
• They cannot eat “tref.” This includes pork,
shellfish. And meat prepared with dairy
• Rosh Shoshanna
****Stop video at 3:11
• Jerusalem- 1st temple built by Jews
• Babylon- city that Jews were exiled to
Jews in the World today
• There are approximately 19 million people
who practice Judaism in the world today.
Spread and Origin
• Judaism originated in the Middle East and
has spread throughout all parts of the world
because of both voluntary migrations and
forced exile.
• Orthodox: VERY Strict
• Conservative: Strict
• Reform: Not as strict