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Instructor: John Hardin
Study Questions Set #3: Heirs to Mesopotamia and Egypt (Chapter 1)
and Judaism (Chapter 6)
Heirs to the Mesopotamian and Egyptian Empires
1. What made the Hittites such a successful warrior people?
2. What ae “the most lasting works” of the Hittites?
3. Briefly describe Assyrian culture.
4. What did the Assyrian Human-Headed Winged Bull symbolize and what purpose did it
5. What modern nation is situated on what was the heart of the Persian Empire?
6. Which great Persian leaders are discussed in this section?
7. What do the authors consider to be “the most original and enduring of Persia’s legacies”?
8. How were Judaic beliefs passed on to Christians and Muslims?
9. Which Hebrew patriarch led his people to settle in Canaan?
10. What is a covenant?
11. Who led the Hebrews in their exodus from Egypt?
12. How do The Ten Commandments differ from other ancient codes of law?
13. What is the sacred name of the God of the Hebrews?
14. Which three major kings ruled over ancient Israel and under whose reign was the First
Temple completed?
15. How did the Babylonian Captivity significantly influence the history and culture of the
16. What action did King Antiochus IV commit that caused the Maccabean clan to revolt?
17. What is the Western Wall/the Wailing Wall?
18. How is the Hebrew Bible organized – what are its majors sections?
19. How did the Hebrew Bible shape the beliefs, values, and worldview of the Jews?
20. Why is there no official Jewish religious painting or sculpture?