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Israel Study Guide Ch. 8-Due Tuesday, Feb. 21
You may write your answers on this sheet or in your homework section-10 points
Early Hebrews
1. What is the Jewish religion called?
2. Why did Abraham leave Mesopotamia?
3. Why did the Hebrews leave Egypt?
4. Who led the Hebrews out of Egypt?
5. What did the Hebrews call themselves after returning to Canaan?
6. Why did the pharaoh of Egypt finally decide to free the Hebrews?
7. What happened during the Babylonian Captivity?
Important Jewish People
8. Who became king after David?
9. What was Israel’s new capitol when David was king?
10. What are some things that show that Hebrew women had few rights?
11. Which Hebrew woman is seen as a model of devotion to one’s family?
12. Who received the Ten Commandments?
Jewish Beliefs and their Society
13. What does monotheism mean?
14. What are the four central beliefs of Judaism?
15. What is a synagogue?
16. What are the Mosaic Laws?
17. What are the Ten Commandments?
18. What are prophets?
19. What does Passover celebrate?
20. What does Hanukkah celebrate?
21. What are the High Holy Days? Which day do the Jews consider the most holy?
Jewish Texts
22. Which is the most sacred Jewish text?
23. What did the Dead Sea Scrolls teach scholars?
24. What is the purpose of the Talmud?
25. What is included in the Hebrew Bible?
Judaism and Later Cultures
26. How did Judaism influence Islam?
27. How did Judaism influence Christianity?
28. How are Reform Jews different from Orthodox Jews?
Judaism over the Centuries
29. Who were the Zealots and what did they hope to achieve?
30. What ended the first Jewish revolt against the Romans?
31. What happened after the second Jewish revolt against the Romans?
32. What happened to the Jews who locked themselves in the Masada?
33. What is the difference between Ashkenazim Jews and Sephardim Jews?
*Paragraph Question – We will complete a practice one in class. You will need to know
it for the test- What happened when ancient Israel encountered and interacted with
other societies? 8 sentences. Use facts from the book to answer the question.
*Know the Israel key term definitions.