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Looking to
take the next
step in your
Jewish journey?
to Judaism
A 9 week course covering topics about living Jewishly, including:
beliefs, creating a Jewish home, life cycle observances, synagogue
and prayer, history, Shabbat and holidays, choosing Judaism, and a
tour of the Skirball Jewish Museum on the HUC campus.
Hebrew Union College, Herrman Learning Center
(classroom building, next to Good Samaritan Hospital,
between Martin Luther King Dr. & Ludlow Ave.).
3101 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220
Tuesday evenings, September 29–December 1, 2015
7:00–9:00 pm
Instructor: Rabbi Matthew Kraus, director of Undergraduate
Studies, Department of Jewish Studies, University of Cincinnati.
Registration Fee: $200 per individual, $235 per couple. Students
will be asked to purchase books for class.
To learn more or to register contact
Steve Sorkin at [email protected] or 314.983.0229