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Judaism Information
Ethan Morton-Gaught
1st Hr.
Basic Information
• Around 1313 BC, the
Israelites gathered at
Mount Sinai, Israel
and God gave Moses
the first five books of
the Written Torah.
This is marked as the
beginning of the
Jewish religion.
• Jewish followers believe that one
supreme, all-knowing God, also known as
the Lord, created the universe and
continues to govern it.
• The Torah states that those who follow the
Commandments correctly will be
rewarded, but it does not go into detail
about an after life. They also believe in the
resurrection of the dead.
Beliefs cont…
• The Torah contains 613 Commandments
– 365 things not to do
– 248 things you must do
• These commandments, or laws, include things
such as forgive others, do not hate, do not
commit murder, etc…
• Following these laws help followers of the
Jewish faith to solve basic problems including
sin and suffering, and it helps them to live in
harmony with others.
• The Magen David, or
Star of David, though
relatively new, is the
most common symbol
associated with
Judaism. It represents
King David’s shield.
Other Information
• Medieval Jewish mystics would roll in
snow to control any evil urges they may
have had. These were the first snow
• Many Jewish people fail to perform the
basic rituals that are required by the Torah.
• The United States Government has
declared the Jewish people a race.
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