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Key Beliefs of Judaism
There is one God, eternal, creator and sustainer of all things. God is transcendent,
omnipresent and omnipotent. Nothing can be compared to God.
Covenant or Brit
There are a number of covenants between God and men mentioned in the Torah. The
most important for the Jewish people are those between God and Abraham and God
and Moses. God’s promise is to bless the Jewish people and have a close relationship
with them in return for their following God’s will as expressed in the Torah.
The key Jewish scripture, the Torah (‘teaching’) provides
evidence for the Jews of God’s covenant with them. The
five books contain teachings and commandments which are
believed to be the revealed word of God.
Commandment or Mitzvah
God’s instructions for the Jewish people are contained in
the commandments or mitzvot (plural of mitzvah, meaning commandment) found in the
Torah. These commandments provide Jews with a practical way of life following the
guidance that God has given them.
The Chosen People
The identity of the Jews is important because it is with the Jewish people that God
has made the major covenant. They are the ‘chosen people’. In the orthodox tradition
of Judaism, to be a Jew a person must have been born to a Jewish mother.
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