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is a set of beliefs and practices originating in
the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) and is later further
explored and explained in the Talmud and
other texts.
How Judaism Began
• It is considered either the first or one of the
first monotheistic religions, and is among
the oldest religious traditions still being
practiced today. Many of its texts and
traditions are central to the other
Abrahamic religions, with Jewish history
and the principles and ethics of Judaism
having influenced Christianity and Islam,
as well as some non-Abrahamic religions.
God revealed
and Abraham was so
moved by this that he
pledged to be faithful
only to God and to
teach his laws to the
world. To mark the
(covenant), Abraham
circumcised himself.
• God Promised Abraham that his descendants
would be as many as the stars and that they
would inherit the Land Of Israel.
What is a Covenant?
• A covenant is a solid agreement between
God and human beings. Usually, God gives
a sign to show that he will keep His promise
and the human beings do something
important to show that they will keep their
What does Monotheistic mean?
How the story goes is that
before Abraham it was thought
that there were many Gods.
When God spoke to Abraham he believed that there was
Only one true God
The Basic Jewish Beliefs
There is one, eternal God
They believe they were chosen to
receive God’s word (through the
They believe that by looking at the
Torah’s many meanings and living
according to its laws, they can
spread justice throughout the
At the right time, the Messiah will
come to bring the perfect world.
An orthodox belief is that all good
deeds will largely be granted in
Mitzvah: there are a total 620
commandments given in the
Torah. The term mitzvah has
come to express an act of human
Where do Jewish people worship?
• Synagogues are
buildings where people
gather to worship
• Prayer and following
God’s laws can be done
anywhere and
everywhere. Ones beliefs
and life are not separate.
Not all synagogues are
as elaborate as the one
on the left.