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Judaism Made Easy
World History
Unit: World Religions
The Jewish Holy Land is where?
New York City
First Monotheistic Religion
A religion and a way of life (not real concerned
with after life)
 What is a Jew: any person whose mother was
a Jew or has converted to Judaism
 So, you can be a Jew if you were born into it
but do not follow Jewish beliefs but if you were
born to non-Jews but still believe in Jewish
beliefs you are still not a Jew unless you
officially converted. More like a nationality!
Jewish Beliefs-actions are far more
important than formal beliefs
God exists and is
one and unique
 God is eternal
 Must pray to God
 The words of the
prophets are trueMoses was the
greatest of prophets
Beliefs continued…
Torah (1st 5 books of Bible) were given to
Moses in return for Hebrew people in ancient
times making a covenant or promise to obey
His commandments (10). In return they would
be God’s chosen people and would be
rewarded with their own land (Israel).
God knows the thoughts and deeds of men
and will reward and punish accordingly.
Beliefs continued…
The Messiah will come
 The dead will be resurrected
Famous Jews
Abraham: Born in Ur, Babylon- Founder
of Judaism @ 2200 BC
 Moses: The greatest of prophets
because God revealed the entire Torah
(Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers
and Deuteronomy) to him, the only
prophet who saw God face to face, led
the enslaved Hebrews out of Egypt into
the promised land @1250 BC
Western Wall of King Solomon’s
Destroyed by Romans in 70 AD- Also known as “Wailing Wall”
The Significance of the Menorah
Holds Chanukah
 Commemorates the
miracle of oil
 Jews rededicate
themselves to
religion during these
8 days
Marks the
anniversary of the
exodus from Egypt
Rosh Hashanah
Jewish New Year
 Day to renew yourself as a Jew
 No work allowed
 No partying like American New Year
 Spent in synagogue
Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah
When boys turn 13
 When girls turn 12
 Reception afterward
with gifts
Judaism Today
Smallest of world religions
13- 14 million world wide
More Jews in NYC and Miami than in Israel
Have a history of being persecuted; Holocaust
Jews around the globe consider themselves
“family”. More than a religion, a way of life!
Which of these 3 religions is the
Judaism is one of the oldest organized religions of the
world. Which of the following
is a Jewish principle?
A set of moral standards or rules for
to follow.
B. A polytheistic outlook.
C. Nirvana is the ultimate release from
pain and suffering
D. Jesus of Nazareth is the promised