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From Ur to Egypt
History of Israelites contain in the first
five books of the Bible.
Jews call these book the Torah
In the Torah God chose Abraham to be
the “father” of the Jewish people.
A belief in a
single God
The Israelites
proclaimed that
there was only
one God.
Mutual promise
between God and
the people.
promised to obey
him, God protect
The Israelites migrated to Egypt because of
a drought.
Forced into slavery
The Israelites fled Egypt-this event is called
the Exodus and is remembered every year
in the Passover.
The man who led them out was Moses
Ten Commandments
These are a code of
Moral laws, which
serve as the basis of
Jewish law
Shall have no
other Gods
Honor Father
and Mother
Shall not Kill
Shall not steal
Prophets urged the Jews to stay true to
their covenant to God.
For the Jews the goal was to live moral
life in accordance with God’s law.
This is through the study of the scared
Worship—the western wall is held scared to
the Jewish people. During service the Torah
scrolls are lifted while the congregation
declares “this is the law of Moses set before
the children of Israel.”
Ritual—the coming of age for a Jewish boy,
they also celebrate Purim. Read from the
bible and offer prayers.