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Founded by the Hebrews (eventually
known as Jews)
 Monotheism: belief in one supreme God
(Judaism was the first major religion to
have this belief
The first five books of the Hebrew bible
(known in Christianity as the Old
 Began with a covenant: a sacred
agreement. God would protect the
Jewish people if they followed his
Abraham moved with his family from
 Believed to be the promised land
 Jews then moved to Egypt due to
Exodus: The Jewish people’s departure
from Egypt
 10 laws given from God to Moses on
Mount Sinai
Unified the Israelites into a single nation
 Brought them a strong central
 Founded Jerusalem as their capital city
and kept the Ark of Covenant there (a
chest that held the Ten
Define monotheism:
 What two reason make Jerusalem
important to the Jewish people?
 What did Moses bring from Mt Sinai?
 Why did the Israelites move from
 What two important things did David do
for the Jewish people?