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Chapter 2, Lesson 4
The Birth of Judaism
 The
1700’s B.C.
religion of the Jewish people
Made a covenant, or special agreement,
with God at Canaan
 Abraham and his wife, Sarah’s, descendents
came to be known as the people of Israel,
or Israelites, after their grandson, Israel.
 They also came to be known as Jews.
Born to Israelite parents, but was adopted
by the Egyptian pharaoh’s daughter
 Saw an Egyptian beating an enslaved
 Became a prophet, or a person who speaks
for God.
 Led the Israelites out of Egypt
Moses continued
At Mount Sinai, God gave Moses the first 5
books of the Hebrew Bible, called the
 The God of the Israelites forbid them from
worshipping any other gods. A belief in
only one God is known as monotheism.
 The Ten Commandments refer to the laws
given by God to Moses at Mount Sinai.
The Kingdom of Israel
1000 B.C.
The leader of Israel was King David,
who made the city of Jerusalem his
 David’s son, Solomon, built an
empire in Jerusalem, when Hebrew
scribes began writing the Torah.
 In 585 B.C., Babylonian armies
destroyed Jerusalem, scattering Jews
away from their homeland, which is
called Diaspora.