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 Abraham is the father of the Hebrews
 About 1800 B.C. he lived in a city called Ur in
 It is believed that God told Abraham to leave Ur
and go to Canaan(present day Israel)
 God told Abraham that if he went to Canaan the
land there would belong to his descendents
 This was a promise from God and so
Canaan(Israel) is considered the Promised Land
 There was a famine in Canaan
 The Israelites were starving and so they
went to Egypt
 A new pharaoh came to power
 He enslaved the Israelites and made
them work on his building projects
 Moses helped the Israelites leave Egypt
 This is known as the Exodus
 They wandered around the Sinai Desert for 40
 Moses climbed to the top of Mt Sinai and God
spoke to him
 Moses carried two stone tablets down the
 The Ten Commandments were written on the
Return to Promised Land
 The Israelites wanted to reclaim their land in Canaan
 This lead to 200 years of war
 After a period of peace the Philistines invade and King
David is able to drive them out
 King Solomon succeeds King David
 After King Solomon died the Israelite Kingdom split in
two: Israel and Judah
 The word Judaism and
Jew come from the name
Judah during this
time in history.
Who is followed and important
 First Monotheistic religion- a belief in one God
 Believe Messiah will appear in Jerusalem and bring
peace and harmony to the world
 It is important to follow the Ten Commandments
 The first four commandments have to do with a
relationship with God
 The next six have to do with a relationship with other
Religious Book--TORAH
 Torah-The first five books of the
Hebrew Bible
 There is a belief that these were given to
the people by God
 They give the early history, laws, and
beliefs of the Hebrews
 The five books are: Genesis, Exodus,
Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy
Sabbath or Shabbat
 Sundown Friday to sundown Saturday
 People should refrain from work
 Many go to the Synagogue- the
Jewish place of worship
 Spend time with family, reading the
Torah, and eating traditional meals.
Holy Days
 Rosh Hashanah: the Jewish New Year- a 10 day
period of repentance, renewal and remembrance
 Yom Kippur: “Day of Atonement”- pray for
forgiveness of oneself and others
 Hanukkah: “Festival of Lights”- celebrated the
miracle of 1 day of oil lasting 8 days at the rededication
of the Temple in Jerusalem
 Passover: a time to remember the slaves Exodus
from Egypt
 Bar Mitzvah- “son of commandment”-
occurs when a boy is 13
 Bat Mitzvah- “daughter of
commandment”- occurs when a girl is
 These are ceremonies held to celebrate
the child’s passage to adulthood
 Rabbi- a Jewish spiritual leader
 Worldwide population-14.5 million
 Christianity and Islam grew out of
 Judaism is practiced all over the
world, but many Jews live in Israel,
where a Jewish state was created in
 The Star of David, also called the Shield of David, is a
very important symbol of Judaism. The symbol
honors King David, who ruled the Kingdom of Israel
about 1000-962 B.C.