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The Early Hebrews
Thursday October 22
Homework: King Solomon Biography
Do Now: What do you know about
Early Hebrews Worksheet
1. Where does most of the information we
have about the Early Hebrews come from?
Much of what is known comes from the work of
archeologists and from accounts written by
Jewish scribes. These accounts became the
Hebrew Bible in time.
2. Who was Abraham and where did
he move?
Abraham is the man to whom the Bible traces
the Hebrews. He moved to Canaan.
3. List four events that led to the Exodus.
1. According to the Bible, in the 1200s BC, God
told a leader named Moses to lead the Israelites
out of Egypt because they were slaves.
2. Moses went to the pharaoh to demand that
he free the Israelites enslaved in Egypt.
3. The pharaoh refused and a series of terrible
plagues, or disasters, struck Egypt.
4. The plague frightened the pharaoh and he
agreed to free the Israelites. Moses led his
people out of Egypt in a journey called the
4. What are the Ten Commandments? How
did they shape Israelite life?
The Ten Commandments are a code of moral
laws given by God to Moses on two stone
tablets.. They shaped Israelite life because they
agreed to worship only one God and to value
human life, self control, and justice.
5. According to the map, where did the
Israelites settle after the Exodus?
The Israelites settled in Jericho after the Exodus.
Abraham and Moses
Lived in Mesopotamia
Lived in Egypt
Told by God to move
to Canaan
Told by God to gain
freedom of Israelite
slaves and lead them
from Egypt.
Received God’s
promise that his
descendants would
become a mighty
Received Ten
from God on Mt.
Abraham and Moses
 Significant person in Jewish history.
 Directed and spoken to by God.
 Led a major migration.