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Chapter 3 Section 1
The Origins of the
• First five books of the Hebrew
• Gives the early history, laws, and
beliefs of the Hebrews.
• Chosen by God to be the father of the
Hebrew people.
• God commanded Abraham to leave
Ur and travel to Canaan.
• Abraham and his people believed
Canaan to be the promised land
which would belong to their
• Belief in ONE all powerful God.
• Unlike most other cultures, the
Hebrews were monotheistic.
• The Jewish faith
• Name comes from the tribe of Judah,
one of the 12 tribes of Israel.
• New name taken by the Hebrews in
Canaan after Abraham’s grandson
Jacob otherwise known as Israel.
Exile to Egypt
• The Israelites fled to Egypt because
of a terrible famine in Canaan.
Enslaved in Egypt
• The Israelites were enslaved by the
Pharaoh and forced to work on
building projects.
• He takes charge of the Israelites and
leads them out of Egypt.
• The migration of Israelites out of Egypt led
by Moses.
• They wandered the Sinai Desert for 40
The Ten Commandments
• Law given to Moses by God on Mount
Sinai and became basis of law for
Return to Canaan
• Canaan had been taken over by
various groups.
• Israelites organized 12 tribes and
formed an army to retake Canaan.
Return to Canaan
• The first city to fall was Jericho.
• It took 200 years for the Israelites to
reclaim all of Canaan.