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Warm-up # 9
• Describe how Jews view their God as compared with how
Hindu’s and Buddhists see their God(s).
Monotheistic Commonalities
• All Monotheistic: believe in one God.
• All believe in salvation and damnation
• Only one way
• All believe in the prophet Abraham.
Father Abraham had many sons.
(True son to Jews
and Christians)
(True son to
• Smallest of the 3 – 14 million
• 12th largest organized religion
• Followers called Jews
• Also an ethnicity
• Date unknown
• In Palestine (today Israel)
• Founder:
• Some say Abraham (first to covenant with
• Some say Moses (received law from God)
Early History
• Found in Old Testament or Torah
• Hebrews were God’s chosen people and
Canaan is the Promise Land.
• AD 70: Persecuted by Romans and forced
to leave
• Diaspora: a dispersion people from their original
• Usually refers to the Jews
• 1948 Regained “Holy Land”
Basic Beliefs
• People are both good and bad
• Ethical World View = people and leaders should
live a moral life.
• Salvation through belief in God and adherence to
biblical laws
• 10 Commandments and much more
• Strict dietary laws – Kosher
• Name for God = Yahweh
Judaism Basics
• Holy Book: Torah
• Clergy: Rabbi
• House of Worship: Synagogue
• Holy Day: Saturday
• View of Jesus: not divine/not messiah
• View of Church and State: Separate
Level One Questions (2)
• Stated in the text
• Who, what, when, where
• Factual level
• What time did the
Fairy Godmother say
Cinderella needed to
leave the ball?
Level Two Questions (2)
• Implied in the text
• How and why
• Interpretation and analysis level
• Why did Cinderella’s stepmother care
if she went to the ball or not?
Crash course Judaism