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Chapter 7 Test Review
1. Judaism’s central beliefs are God, education, obedience, and justice.
2. The Torah is the most sacred text in Judaism.
3. The Mosaic laws help guide the Jew’s daily lives, while the Ten Commandments are moral codes/laws.
4. Western cultures were shaped by Judaism.
5. During the 1200s BC, Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt to escape slavery. This is known as the
Exodus. This holiday is called the Passover.
6. Jerusalem became Israel’s new capital under King David.
7. Hanukkah celebrates the rededication of the Second Temple.
8. The religions of Islam and Christianity have been influenced by Judaism.
9. Many Jewish people do not work on weekends because they are honoring the Sabbath.
10. Poetry, stories, songs, messages from Hebrew prophets, and expressions of wisdom are all found in
the Hebrew Bible.
11. Because a series of plagues struck Egypt, the pharaoh decided to free the Israelites/Hebrews.
12. The Dead Sea Scrolls were written 2,000 years ago by Jews
13. High Holy Days are two of the most sacred Jewish holy days.
14. Abraham was promised by God to lead him to a new land.
Answer the following questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES.
15. What is Judaism?
The religion of the Hebrews
16. What is Yom Kippur?
The holiest day of the year for Jews – where they ask God to forgive their sins.
17. Who are Orthodox Jews?
Jews that strictly follow the Mosaic Laws
True or False.
18. ___T____ Jews understand their history through traditions and holy days.
19. ___T____ The Bible traces the Hebrews back to a man named Abraham.
20. ___F____ The story of Esther is an example of how people should treat their family members.
21. ___T____ Judaism and Islam are connected because both religions believed they descended from