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The Torah has two categories 1. Oral Torah which was given by
the Rabbis in the past generations
Written Torah which was given to them by Moses on Mount
They read the Torah 3 times a week Monday, Thursday, and
Judaism is the only religion in the world that does not convert
people and they do not advise people to convert. However, they
do teach their teachings to whomever desires to learn them.
Jewish people have 613 Commandments that go into the 10
Jewish Popluations
• Yom Kipper – Fast for 24 hours no eating or drinking.
Holiday for atonement of sins
• Hanukah – Holiday in which they light the Menorah
honoring the Miracle of the event in which the Romans
destroyed the Temple and needed oil to light the candles in
the Temple. They only had enough Oil to last 4 days but
incredibly it lasted 8 which enabled them to reach the next
• Shabbos – Every Friday night until Saturday night, resting
day. No work no writing just reading and playing games
and learning.
How big is Israel?
It is forbidden to enter the ground inside the wall until they are
redeemed. This was restricted by the great council of rabbis until
Moshe comes back to redeem the Jewish people
Judaism is the oldest Monotheistic religion in the world. It has
never changed a word in the Torah.
Scriptures were written in Aramaic and languages which are not
spoken today. Studying these takes a very long time and
requires commentaries to read. Every Rabbi is required to pass
these scriptures down to students of each and every generation.
Jewish people wear Kippot or Yamacas to symbolize their God
is higher than them.