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Section ________
When did Judaism begin?
Approximately ____________ BCE
Where did Judaism begin?
Is Judaism monotheistic or polytheistic? _____________________
How did Judaism begin?
Important Ideas:
 Covenant:
 Monotheistic ->
God revealed himself to _______________and
Abraham pledged to be faithful only to God and
to teach His laws to the world. The mark the
agreement (
) circumcised himself. God
promised Abraham that his descendants would
be as many as the stars and they would inherit
the Land of Israel.
a solemn agreement between God and human beings.
Usually, God gives a sign to show that he will keep His
promise and the human beings do something important
to show that they will keep their promises.
What are the basic Jewish beliefs?
 There is one eternal God.
 The believe they were chosen to receive God’s
word (through the__________)
 They believe that by looking at the __________
many meanings and living according to its laws,
they can spread justice throughout the world.
 At the right time the ___________ will come to bring
the perfect world.
 Reward for good deeds will largely be granted in
Where do Jewish people worship?
 ____________________________ are buildings where
people gather to worship together.
Prayer and following God’s laws can be done
anywhere and everywhere -> religion and life
are not separate.
What are the sacred texts in Judaism?
 The _____________ is the Jewish Bible.
 It has three parts. The ____________ (the first 5
books), Nevi’im ( book of prophets), and the
Ketuvim ( the other books ie: psalms and
 The Haggadah: contains prayers, service, and
songs for the Passover Seder.
Who are the religious leaders?
__________ (many levels)
two chief rabbis (one for the Ashkenazi and one
for the Sepahrdi)