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Judaism: PowerPoint
Name 3 of the patriarchs or prophets of Judaism.
4. When did the Hebrew rule of Israel end before modern times?
5. What is the central belief of Judaism?
6. What is the Torah?
7. What is a diaspora?
8.-12. What are the 5 sects of Judaism?
13. How many commandments are in the written law of the Torah?
14. What is the oral law of the Jewish people?
15.-20. What are 6 of the most basic laws of the Talmud?
21.-24. What the 4 major life celebrations of Judaism?
25-32. Name and define four high Holy Days of Judaism.
33. What is the Shabbat and when is it celebrated?
35. How is Judaism related to Christianity?
36. How did Judaism relate to Jesus and the apostles?
37. What do Jews believe about Jesus?
36. What do Jews believe about the Messiah?
37. Generally, Jews are NOT as concerned as Christians about ______________________ and
39. What is Tikkun Olam?
40. What are the four parts of the heart of Judaism?
45. According to Judaism, how do we make the world a holy place?