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1) Judaism is the ________________ of
the 5 major world religions.
2) How many people in the world
follow Judaism?
3) What percentage of the world’s
population follows Judaism?
Judaism in the World
4) In which country do most Jews live?
5) On the map, shade in the areas/countries where most Jews can be found.
6) Judaism is the world’s first ______________________ religion and was founded around _______ BCE.
7) Judaism is based on the teachings of ____________________, the holy book.
8) Judaism was created by ________________. After a drought in Israel, the Jews (also known as Hebrews)
were taken as slaves in Egypt. ______________ helped the Hebrews escape Egypt by parting the Red Sea. It
is believed that God revealed the Ten Commandments to Moses at ________________.
9) Judaism is the first major religion to follow _____________________.
10) _________________, the central figure of Christianity, was Jewish.
11) What is one of the major differences between Judaism and Christianity?
12) ________________ is considered a holy city to the Jews. They worship in ________________ and
________________ are the spiritual leaders.
13) Why is there conflict in Israel today?
14) After watching the segment on the documentary “Promises”, what do you think could be done to help
solve the Israel and Palestinian conflict?
Research these questions on your own!
15) What major holidays do Jewish people celebrate?
16) What is a bar mitzvah?
17) When was Israel created? What was there before?
Extra Credit- What other questions or information can you find about Judaism?