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Starter – What
do these people
have in common?
Learning Objective –
To understand key facts associated with Judaism.
Learning outcomes –
I will be able to identify facts associated with Judaism
I will be able to describe the facts
I will be able to explain facts related to Judaism today
Where did Judaism begin?
We live here!
It began here in Israel.
What do you KNOW about Judaism?
Below is some information related to key facts associated with Judaism.
Who is the founder of
Jewish history begins with the
covenant established between
God and Abraham around
1812 BC, during the Bronze
Age, in the Middle East.
Abraham is considered as the
father of the family of Jews.
Who is Abraham?
Abraham is the father of the Jewish
people. Jews see Abraham as a
symbol of trusting and obeying God.
Judaism originated in Israel around 4000
years ago.
What do Jews believe?
Jews believe that there is a
single God who not only
created the universe, but
with whom every Jew can
have an individual and
personal relationship.
Holy book
The Torah.
Main Branches (Denominations)
today Orthodox, Reform and
It's also the smallest major
religion, with only about 15
million followers around the
Using what you can remember from the previous slide, fill in the table below in
your exercise books as best you can.
How old is Judaism?
Where did it begin?
Who started the
How many Gods?
Holy book?
Information about
Judaism today?
Below are two of the most important symbols of Judaism. Draw each into
your exercise book and add a brief explanation for it.
The Menorah is one of the oldest
symbols of the Jewish faith. It is
a candelabrum with seven
candle holders displayed in
Jewish synagogues. It
symbolises the burning bush as
seen by Moses on Mount Sinai.
The symbol or emblem of the Jewish
people is the known as the Star of
Find out four bits of information about the founder Abraham.
Yes, No game!
Four people will be asked a question related to information you have learnt
today. You cannot reply with Yes or No!