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CH12 Learning about World Religions: Judaism
Mastering the Content
Circle the letter next to the best answer.
1. Why did the Jewish Diaspora threaten the survival of Judaism?
A. Jews became scattered over a wide area. CORRECT
B. Jews paid heavy taxes to pay for a new temple.
C. Jews began to learn from rabbis instead of priests.
D. Jews depended on oral tradition to remember their history.
2. Which common feature of most ancient religions did the Jews reject (refuse, say no to)?
A. ritual
B. morality
C. tradition
D. polytheism CORRECT
3. According to Judaism, standards of right and wrong come from
B. Abraham.
C. priests.
D. prophets.
4. What is the best title for the chart below?
A. Hammurabi's Code
B. Holidays and Holy Days
C. Teachings of the Talmud
D. The Ten Commandments CORRECT
5. Which of these phrases best describes the Talmud?
A. another name for the Torah
B. record of conquests of the Jewish people
C. ancient Jewish writings about the Hebrew Bible CORRECT
D. list of names of the priests of the Temple of Jerusalem
6. Which of these is the best example of a question of ethics?
A. What shall I eat for dinner?
B. When should I brush my teeth?
C. Should I help a child who is lost? CORRECT
D. Which color shall I paint my room?
7. Which major belief of Judaism does the photograph show?
A. the importance of study CORRECT
B. equality and social justice
C. the celebration of holy days
D. presence of God in daily life
8. Why do Jews consider the Western Wall in Jerusalem a sacred place?
A. It was built by King Solomon.
B. It was part of the Second Temple. CORRECT
C. It was where many Jews died in rebellion against Rome.
D. It was constructed with the stones that held the Ten Commandments.
9. How was the city of Yavneh important to the survival of Judaism?
A. as the site of a temple
B. as the political capital
C. as a center for learning CORRECT
D. as a source of rebellion
10. Why did Jews in the Diaspora have to develop new forms of worship, such as a synagogue service?
A. They spoke several languages.
B. They mingled with other cultures.
C. They came under the rule of rabbis.
D. They could no longer use the Temple rituals. CORRECT
11. Jewish forms of worship and ways of life were taught in many different countries by
A. rabbis. CORRECT
B. priests.
C. prophets.
D. professors.
Applying Social Studies Skills
Use the timeline and your knowledge of history to answer the questions.
12. The timeline above would not print properly without this question, so please mark answer A on your bubble
sheet and move on to question #13.
13. What was the name of the part of Solomon’s former territory that was self-governing in 600 B.C.E.?
A. Jerusalem
C. Caanan
D. Mesopotamia
14. Where did most Jews live in the year 550 B.C.E.?
A. Caanan
B. Egypt
C. Israel
D. Babylon CORRECT
15. Who ruled the city of Jerusalem at the time that Herod ordered major construction on the Temple?
A. Greeks
B. Isrealites
D. Persians
Exploring the Essential Question: What are the central teachings of Judaism, and why did
they survive to the modern day?
16. Explain an important reason why one major teaching of Judaism survived to modern times. Before you start
to write, think about these points:
• which teaching you will write about
• why it was in danger of not surviving
• why you think it survived
After you have chosen your main points, write on the scrolls below. The first few words of each scroll have
been filled in for you. When you are finished, the three scrolls taken together should tell one clear and wellreasoned story.
ANSWER: Answers should include all of the elements requested in the prompt.