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Prophetic Monotheism:
Abraham: the Patriarch
· Founder of Judaism
· Moved from
· Mesopotamia to Canaan
· Tested by God
· Covenant: monotheism
· “I will make you the
father of a great nation”
Moses the Lawgiver
10 Plagues and “Passover”
Ten Commandments
Exodus to the Promised Land (Israel)
Moses believed author of the Torah
Gods chosen people
10 commandments
· Rules for Judaism and Christianity
Torah and Talmud
· Sacred Text of Judaism.
· In Christianity, Torah is known as the
Old Testament
Jewish view of Jesus?
· Jesus is a prophet, not
the sun of God or the
· They are still waiting
for the messiah to
Kosher Laws
· Food must be blessed
· Do not mix meat and dairy
· Do not eat Pork (dirty animal)
Kingdom of Israel
· Saul
· David - conquers city
of Jerusalem
· Solomon - builds
temple in Jerusalem
· Fall to the Assyrians
· Babylonian exile
· First temple destroyed
Wailing Wall
· In Jerusalem,
people often
write prayers for
God and put
them within the
wall. It is from
when the first
temple was
Jewish Diaspora
· Numerous Jewish revolts in Palestine (Roman name
for the region). The Romans crush the revolts, destroy
the temple in the CITY OF JERUSALEM, and the
Jews disperse.
Medieval Anti-Semitism
· In the Middle Ages, Charlemagne asked Jews to
move to his Holy Roman Empire because
Christians were not allowed to lend money (it
was seen as the sin of usury)
· Many European nations attempted to forcibly
convert or expel Jews from their kingdoms.
After the Crusades, Anti-Semitism increases
Attacks and Expulsions
· The First Crusaders rampage through
Jewish communities in Northern Europe
en route;
· Jews often live apart in ghettoes;
· Jews are blamed for the plague;
· Jews are expelled from France, Italy,
England, Germany, Spain, etc.
· Many move to Poland, Russia, etc.
Pogroms in Russia
· 1791: Jews in Russia
must live within an
area called the Pale
· Czarist govt.
authorities in 19th C.
Russia encourage
attacks on Jewish
Twentieth Century
· Zionism (the Jewish Nationalist
Movement to return to Israel) grows
· The Balfour Declaration in England
promises to support a Jewish Homeland
· The Holocaust
· The Creation of Israel by the United
Nations after World War II
Arab-Israeli Wars
· 1948 Wars of Independence
· 1968 Six Day War
· 1973 October (Yom Kippur) War
Peace Accords:
· Egypt
· Jordan
Disputed Territories
· Grey Territories:
· Blue: Jewish
· Since 1948, Israel
has expanded its
control of some of
this land for security
Rosh Hashanah
Yom Kippur
Pesach (Passover)
Sabbath (at home or
· Bar / Bat Mitzvah