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Judaism Timeline2000 BCE - Abraham
975 BCE - King David
Abraham is the father
of the Jews. God
chose him as the
father of the Jews.
King David is the first
leader of united
Abraham had a kid
and God test him
using his son.
Abraham did but God
tell them to stop.
Founder of Judaism
give rise to the
David is very
important to Jewish,
Christian, and Islamic
doctrine and cultural.
include three important points per. Box (search: history of Judaism)
565 BCE – Babylonians
The Babylonians conquer the
They destroy Jerusalem and the
First Temple.
Taking the Israelites into slavery
in Babylon.
1090 – 1654 CE –
Capture and Expulsion
This is when the
Crusader begins.
Jerusalem captured
during Crusade. Expel
from Germany, Spain,
Jews and Muslim
In the Bible, David is
the king of Israel and
the Jewish people. In
Islam he is consider a
prophet and the king
of a nation
1884 - Zionism
Movement founded by Theodore
Comes from the hill of Zion
Supporters of this movement called
Zionists. The retaking of the Jewsish
Holy Land
Muslim retake
Israeli declaration of independence,
Arab-Israeli war.
Partition resolution is formally
rejected by the Arab states.
967 BCE – King Solomon
World War II
Who is King David’s son, took in charge after his
father pass away.
Hitler starts the
The wisest of all men, built the Temple in
Jerusalem and Israel’s golden age.
He built the first Holy Temple. It takes 7 ½ years
to built the Temple to complete.
1250 BCE – Exodus from Egypt
70 CE – Roman Empire
Moses is the leader to enslavement the Israel from the
Was the siege of Jerusalem
He wants to free all the Hebrew people from Ramses but
the king stops him from doing this
Moses carries laws from Mount Sanai. the Ten
The first Jewish-Roman war, the
Roman took over.
Jews revolt and second Holy
Temple is destroyed. Diaspora
Late 1700’s - 1881
- Star of David is
introduced. – Originally
used as a decorative motif
but was worn on King
David’s shield.
- Not really a symbol of
Hitler ordered
the mass
extermination of
Hitler wanted a
pure, nonJewish race.
21st Century
Current day
Judaism is
respected as
a national
Yet religious
on is still
Conflict over