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The Israelites
Ur  Canaan (Palestine)
Monotheistic – (worshipping 1 god)
• Prophets – people who revealed the word
of God
• Abraham – herder / trader 1900BC
• 1st prophet of Judaism
Core Beliefs
Covenant with God
1 God
Creator of all
God is Good and Just
All people made in image of God
All people have equal spiritual value
regardless of class
Moses and the Law
• Israel (grandson of Abraham) brings family to Egypt
• After generations Jews enslaved by Egyptians
• 1200BC Moses
(prophet / leader)
leads them out of Egypt
• Passover celebrates
the Exodus
10 Commandments –
• basis of Hebrew law given to Moses by
God according to the Torah
• Deborah – prophetess leader “judge”
David – King, approx 1012 BC
• Capital at Jerusalem
• Wars of expansion
• (David’s son)
• built temple at
The Wailing Wall
• Last remnant of
Solomon’s Temple
• Then and now this
is a place for
The Babylonian Captivity
• Jews were conquered by the Babylonian’s
of Mesopotamia and held there as slaves
• Later allowed to return to Judea
The Diaspora
• Meaning “the scattering”
• Refers to when Jews were cast out of their
homeland by the Roman’s around 70 AD