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Erin Leege
Chapter 2.3 New Centers of Civilization
1. What was the most significant cultural invention of the Phoenicians?
The Phoenician culture is best known for their 22-sign alphabet.
2. What were some of the Phoenicians economic accomplishments?
The Phoenicians produced a number of goods for foreign markets.
They also built ships and became great sea traders.
3. Create a chart showing the significance of three major events in the
history of the Israelites
The United Kingdom
Israel was united under King
Solomon’s rule, which is when ancient
Israel reached its height of power.
The Divided Kingdom
After King Solomon’s death Israel’s
tribes separated into two separate
kingdoms. The Chaldeans conquered
the kingdom of Judah and destroyed
Jerusalem. Later the Persians took over
and allowed the people of Judah to
return and rebuild Jerusalem. People
survived after conquests of Alexander
the Great and became Jews.
The religion of Israel was unique
because it was monotheistic. Jews
would not accept the gods of their
neighbors, which separated them and
created feelings of hostility toward
1. How did the Jews religious beliefs make them different from other
peoples of their time and place?
Unlike other peoples of Southwest Asia Jews would not accept the
gods of their neighbors or conquerors. The social separation that this
endangered may have been a factor in creating feelings of hostility
toward Jews but it also helped them maintain their identity after the
loss of their Jewish Independence.
2. Explain the importance of Moses to Hebrew history and religion.
Jews believe that during the exodus from Egypt when Moses led his
people out of bondage, God made a covenant with them. God
promised to protect them if they followed his Torah. The most famous
laws in the Torah are the Ten Commandments that Moses is said to
have received at Mount Sinai.