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The Religion of
Judaism is…
 “A 4000 year old tradition with ideas
about what it means to be human and how
to make the world a holy place.”
(Rabbi Harold Kushner, To Life)
 A “covenant relationship” between God
and the Hebrew people.
 A faith (Judaism), a people
(Hebrews/Israelites), a way of life.
As a people, Jews are…
 15 – 16 million in worldwide population.
 part of different religious sects (small part of a
larger group that shares core beliefs).
 Orthodox:
 Hasidic (Ultra Orthodox)
 Reformed (18th century Germany)
 Conservative: moderates, response to reform
Reconstructionalism (20th century America)
A 4000 year old tradition…
 The Patriarchs:
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (“Israel”)
– origins of the Hebrew people
 Abraham: “the father of many nations”
 Creation Myth
 “Promised Land” (The Land of Israel)
- ends 6th century B.C.
Old Testament Creation Myth
As a faith, Jews believe…
 In one God – monotheism
 In prophets (a person God speaks through) –
especially Moses
 In Torah (first five books of the Christian
Bible), containing religious, moral and social law
which guides the life of a Jew
the Hebrew Torah does not include the New
 “Basic Beliefs and Observances”
Holy Books:
 Written in Hebrew
 Torah: (first five books of the Bible and
Tanakh) contains religious, moral and
social law which guides the life of a Jew
 Moses, The Ten Commandments
 Talmud: oral traditions of the Jews
written down over time with commentaries
by rabbis
People and Places:
 Rabbi: teacher or master
 Synagogue: house of worship for prayer,
education, and community activities
 Temple: the Temple or Temple Mount,
where Solomon’s Temple once stood –
located in present day Jerusalem
 Jerusalem and the Western Wall
As a way of life, Judaism is
based on…
 613 commandments found in Torah (“Written Law”)
 Talmud (“Oral Law”) – commentary of ancient rabbis
that explain how live everyday life through:
 Dietary rules (Kashrut/Kosher)
 Dress and other symbols
 Prayer and devotion to God
 The Temple and Temple rites
 Observance of Holy days
 Proper social relations between male and female, in
business, judicial rulings, etc.
Jewish Celebrations:
 Bar/Bat Mitzvah – full adult status and
responsibility within the religion
 High Holidays:
 Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)
Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)
 Chanukah, the “Festival of Lights”
More Holy Days…
 Purim (“Lots”) – a carnival (remembers events
told in book of Esther)
 Passover – remembers the exodus from
Egypt (events told in Exodus)
 Shabbat (Sabbath, 7th day, on Saturday) –
the “Day of Rest”
How is Judaism related to
 Judaism was a religion before Christianity – it is the
foundation of Christianity but is not a part of it.
 Jesus was Jewish, as were his followers, the
 Jews do not believe that Jesus was anything more
than a good and wise man who lived and died 2000
years ago – Jews are still waiting for their messiah.
 The Jewish people believe that their messiah will
not be divine. He will be a political figure who
restores the Hebrew monarchy in Israel and causes
peace to reign on Earth.
What are Jews really
concerned about?
 Tikkun Olam - “repairing this world” through
justice and righteousness
 The heart of Judaism is in the home and family,
social responsibility and doing Mitzvot (“good
deeds” based on God’s commandments)
 Education and hard work make one’s life and
the world what God intended it to be – Holy
Religion EQ
 Exit Slip:
Describe one way religion and culture are
connected in Judaism?
To Life!
To Life!