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Mini Case Study:
Nonprofit Marketer of the Year Awards
An initiative for advancing our mission of:
Investing in the Growth and Use of Nonprofit and Social
Marketing Knowledge
What is the Nonprofit Marketer of the Year?
On Thursday, July 16th the AMA, AMAF, along with presenting
sponsor The Nonprofit Times, will honor the second annual
2009 Nonprofit Marketer of the Year Award recipients.
This year, in addition to honoring one person who has
demonstrated exceptional leadership and achievement in the
field, we will also recognize two other nonprofit marketers
who have done extraordinary work for their organizations in
the areas of 1) social media and 2) special marketing
initiatives that have helped their organization thrive during
tough economic times.
Why Nonprofit Marketer of the Year?
Establish an awards platform that nationally recognizes nonprofit marketers
and elevates the profession…while also increasing nonprofit marketers’
engagement in AMA, AMAF, and attendance at the conference
Build a large base of nonprofit marketing thought leaders to serve future
educational roles/projects/fundraising needs of the AMA and AMAF
Use this new all-electronic call for nominations/self-application method as a
test to determine interest in awards, quality of the candidate pool, and
potential process-transferability to other awards programs/areas (such
as “30 under 30” to recognize up and coming marketers) of the AMA
and AMAF
How the Candidate Pool is Built
National Call for Nominations – February
Promotion mix:
AMA/AMAF email blast to database
AMAF website banner ad links
AMA vehicles (e-newsletters, Nonprofit Marketing and Public
Policy & Marketing SIGs, web banner ads)
The Nonprofit Times email blast to over 100,000 subscribers,
print ads, and web banner ads, nonprofit marketing-related
blog postings, etc...
Nominations are submitted from the field, and nominees selfcomplete their applications.
Check out the nomination form on the next slide. Simple and
Nominee Communications
Nominee Acceptance and Application – April
Eligible nominees are individually emailed with congratulations and
invited to accept their nomination by completing the online
application form (see email screen shot on next page)
Check out the application form and questions the nominee must
answer by visiting:
Deadline for applications was May 1st
Sample of an email that a
nominee receives, with
instructions on how to selfapply for the award.
Judging – Late May/Early June
A six judge panel, consisting of members of the 2009 AMA
Nonprofit Marketing Conference Committee and Advisory
Council, at least one AMAF Board member, and a
representative from The Nonprofit Times evaluate the
applications, which are posted on a secure web site. All
judges are leaders and experts in the field of nonprofit
marketing with careers as nonprofit marketing academics,
consultants, and practitioners.
Tom Abrahamson
Jay Aldous
Lisa Chernick
Cynthia Currence
Meme Drumwright
John McIlquham
2009 Award Winners
Nonprofit Marketer of the Year Award
C. Eric Overman
Director of Online Communities & Social Media
Operation Smile
Special Marketing Initiatives Award
Anne Bergquist
Vice President, Brand Management and Marketing
YMCA of Metro Chicago
Social Media Award
David J. Neff
Director of Web, Film and Interactive Strategy
American Cancer Society – High Plains
Received more than 200 nominations since the
award’s inception last year.
Received 70 impressive finalists for the awards.
Received much publicity and hope for more this
Article in Marketing News
Article in The Nonprofit Times and Philanthropy
Journal (
Press release on winners to national,
hometown, and business trade outlets