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Marketing: An Introduction
Dr. Dawn Medlin
Université d’Angers
Marketing: An Introduction
Do you know??
Marketing: An Introduction
What is a market?
“A market consists of all the potential
customers sharing a particular need or
want who might be willing and able to
engage in exchange to satisfy that need
or want” (Philip Kotler).
For instance…..
Marketing: An Introduction
The Overall Themes of Marketing
The Traditional Marketing Mix
Marketing: An Introduction
Marketing Defined
• Marketing is a process… that is…
Wants, Desires
Demands – Products and/or Services
Marketing: An Introduction
As far as Customers are concerned there
are three elements to address
• Customer value: Difference between
the values that the customer gains from
owning and using a product versus the
costs of obtaining the product.
• Customer satisfaction: The extent to
which a product’s perceived performance in
delivering value matches a buyer’s
• Quality: the characteristics of a product or
service that bear on its ability to satisfy
stated or implied customer needs.
Marketing: An Introduction
Marketing Management Philosophies
Agree or Disagree?
1. Production: consumers will favor products that are
available and highly affordable
2. Product: consumers favor products that offer the
most in quality, performance, and innovative features
3. Selling: consumers will not buy unless an
organization undertakes a large-scale selling and
promotional effort
4. Marketing: determining the needs and wants of
target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions
more effectively and efficiently then the competitors
5. Societal marketing: generating customer
satisfaction and long-run societal well-being are the
keys to both achieving the company’s goals and
fulfilling its responsibilities
Marketing: An Introduction
• Relationship marketing: the process of creating,
maintaining, and enhancing strong, value-laden relationships
with customers and other stakeholders.
Marketing: An Introduction
Marketing Management Practice
Essentially Two Types
• Entrepreneurial marketing:
– Businesses started by individuals
– Creativity, drive, and perseverance are
keys to success
• Formulated marketing:
– Professional, disciplined approach
– Achieving a market orientation
Marketing: An Introduction
Orientations towards marketing
• Production concept (before 1930):
demand > supply
• Selling concept (1930-1950):
supply > demand
• Marketing concept (post-1960s):
analyze consumer needs before
producing and selling, market
orientation, competition…
Marketing: An Introduction
Marketing Concept versus
Selling Concept
Starting Point
The Marketing Concept
Profits from
satisfied customers
The Selling Concept
Sell and
Promote it
Profits through
sales volume
Figure 1.3
Marketing: An Introduction
Marketing Management
• What is marketing management?
« Marketing management is the process of
planning and executing the conception,
pricing, promotion, and distribution of
ideas, goods, and services to create
exchanges that satisfy individual and
organizational goals » (Philip Kotler)
• Marketing management has the task of
influencing the level, timing, and
composition of demand in a way that
will help the organization achieve its
Marketing: An Introduction
Course Outline
• Marketing Research
• Marketing Strategy
Marketing: An Introduction
Common marketing problems
• How can we identify and choose profitable
market segments?
• How can differentiate our offer from our
• How should we react to competitors?
• How can we satisfy our customers and
build brand loyalty?
• How can we measure the effectiveness of
an add campaign, of Public Relations, of a
promotion, etc…?