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Today I am: Taking entrance survey and learning our note taking
procedure then take our first looking into the world of Marketing.
So I can: Gauge my knowledge and define Marketing, the Marketing
Concept, and see that Marketing saturates all aspects of our life.
I will know I’m successful when: I am able to differentiate between
goods, services and ideas.
Essential Question
• How knowledgeable am I as a consumer?
Text Book needed today
Get out note paper prior to reading
Read all of page 7 and top half of page 10
Why does Marketing come so easy to so many?
Marketing – the process of planning, pricing, promoting, selling and
distributing products to create exchanges that satisfy customers
The Marketing Concept – A business striving to satisfy customers needs
and wants while making a profit
Products – Goods, services or ideas
Goods – Tangible items that have monetary value that
satisfy wants and needs
Services – Intangible items that have monetary value
that satisfy wants and needs
Ideas – Intellectual concepts that have monetary or
intrinsic value that satisfy wants and needs
Quality marketing brings idea to the message for goods or services
Ideas evoke (bring about) emotions
Emotions “connect” customers to product
Assignment: Work independently
On your notes page, write down an example of each of the following. Note: We will
randomly call on people to share answers
1) Good.
2) Service.
3) Idea.
4) Blend using two of the above together to create a connection – stronger marketing
• Cannot use “green” or “diet” products used during lesson