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By: James Watson
Reading Reflections: Chapter 1 and 2
Introduction to Molecular Genetics
Chapter 1: Beginnings of Genetics: From
Mendel to Hitler
• DNA is the molecule of
Inheritance, but we did not
always know this fact.
• Inheritance is easy to
Charles II - Hapsberg lip
Mendel studied inheritance but had no
idea that DNA was responsible.
Some Review
•Genome - full set of an organisms DNA
• About 3 billion for humans
• We have two sets – Why? How?
•Genes - sections of DNA that code for proteins
• About 20,000 genes for humans
•Chromosomes - Subsections of the genome
• 23 pairs for humans
Some Review: Central Dogma of Biology
Role of Environment! Nature vs. Nurture
• Above spectrum attempts to explain approaches to
understand human behavior/thinking (Psychology).
Schizophrenia – some data
What do these
data imply
about the
nature v.
relationship for
(Source: Gottesman, 1991)
Back to Review: Evolutionary by Natural
Darwin did not
know about DNA
Artificial Selection
• “ fact the single greatest application of genetics to
human well-being was carried out eons ago by
anonymous ancient farmers.” (Watson)
~12,000 years
ago in the
fertile crescent
What are the
connections to
the Eugenics
Some crazy and scary eugenics pedigrees
Some crazy and scary eugenics pedigrees
Some crazy and scary eugenics pedigrees
Some crazy and scary eugenics pedigrees
Chapter 2: The Double Helix
• Biology before the discovery of DNA
• Naturalists
• Anatomists
• Chemists
DNA Reading Reflection
• Chapter 1
• Pick one event or person from this chapter that surprised you.
• Write about the historical and scientific entanglements of this
person or event.
• In your opinion. What was good or bad about the
• Chapter 2
• Pick one person (or group of people) from this chapter and
describe their contribution to our understanding of DNA.
• Include how this person was influenced by other researchers.