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Bill Nye – Cells
1. About how many cells are in a human body?
100 trillion!
2. What happens when more cells are being produced than are dying?
You are growing.
3. There are two basic kinds of cells: what are they?
Animal and plant
4. How is a room in a house similar to a cell?
Both have walls (plant cells), have different parts that do different things
(furniture and organelles).
5. Name some different types of cells that can occur in a refrigerator.
Mold, vegetables, fruit, bacteria (good and bad)
6. One cell can be alive: true or false? (circle one)
7. What is deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)?
It contains genes, which controls everything about the cell.
8. Did you notice what Bill did with the model of DNA he was holding?
He stretched it.
9. What is an egg an example of?
A single cell.
10. What do seeds need in order to produce cells?
11. What makes red blood cells red?
Iron, which changes colour with oxygen (hemoglobin)
12. What is the ratio of red blood cells to white blood cells in the average human?
1 white for every 1000 red
13. What do white blood cells do?
Fight germs
14. What is osmosis?
It’s the process of molecules moving through cell membranes.
15. (Bonus marks) What musician is being imitated on the video?
Jimmi Hendrix!!
Living cells are in your brain
Animals have em’ and plants do too
Living things are in your veins
Cells make up me and you
Living cells run through your bones
They contain all your chromosomes
Living cells are specialized
They are what make things alive
Living cells have DNA
Living cells have different jobs
Living cells die every day
In cows and corn on the cob