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Evolution Review Game
1 Point
• Darwin observed many different species of finches on
the Galapagos Islands. What did Darwin conclude about
the finches?
1 Point
• Define evolution.
1 Point
• Why did the population of peppered moths in England
change from light to dark after the Industrial Revolution?
1 Point
• Modern whales developed their traits through natural
selection. What occurs during the process of natural
1 Point
• What adaptation is best for the snowy tundra?
1 Point
• What is the main problem with carbon dating?
1 Point
• What type of rock do most fossils form in?
1 Point
• What does the fossil record tell scientists?
1 Point
• Darwin observed and recorded data about many species
of finches. According to Darwin, how did the food
source on each island affect how the birds evolved?
1 Point
• One theory suggests that giant wooly mammoths became
extinct when the ice age ended and the climate became
warmer. Why might this environmental change have led
to their extinction?
1 Point
• Organisms with the most beneficial/useful traits live long
lives and reproduce. What is this theory called?
1 Point
• In a population of codfish, a scientist notes that some
fish have larger or smaller fins than others. These
differences among the traits of organisms in a population
are known as:
1 Point
• What is the importance of DNA in the human body?
2 Points
• During “Who Wants to Live a Million Years” we found
that our population increased its chance of survival if we
1 Point
• In our bird beak lab, how did the different tools
demonstrate adaptation?
1 Point
• A trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce is
called a(n)…
2 Points
• During our “camouflage chameleons” activity,
camouflaging the chameleons helped them to:
1 Point
• Darwin’s idea about how evolution occurs is called…
1 Point
• Whales are closely related to…
1 Point
• Organisms evolve due to changes in their DNA called …
1 Point
• During our Funky Monkey activity, what controlled
whether or not the Funky Monkey survived?
1 Point
• Similar structures that are inherited from a common
ancestor are called…
1 Point
• The evolutionary history of the Earth and its fossil
record is incomplete because…