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Chapter 7: EVOLUTION
 Choose 3 boxes in order to form a TIC-TAC-TOE (horizontally,
vertically, or diagonally). You MUST use the middle square!
 Do each one on a separate sheet of paper.
 Staple each sheet to the back of this rubric.
Explain how generation
Define a total of 9
time (the time to reproduce)
vocabulary words. 3 must
influences the rate at which
be from 7-1, 3 must be from a species can evolve.
7-2, and 3 must be from 73.
Define and illustrate the
four parts of Darwin’s
Theory of Evolution. Use
your own species.
Compare and contrast
selective breeding and
natural selection using a
Venn Diagram.
Summarize Darwin’s
findings on the finches of
the Galapagos Islands.
How did the same finches
have different beaks?
Describe how they became
different species.
Explain in detail the two
ways that organisms can be
compared to provide
evidence of evolution from
a common ancestor.
Summarize the ideas that
Darwin developed from
books by Malthus and
Lyell. How did they
influence his idea of
evolution by natural
Illustrate how fossil records
indicate that whales are
from the ancestors of the
Use the following terms to
create a concept map:
struggle to survive, theory,
genetic variation, Darwin,
overpopulation, natural
selection, and successful
Total point is out of 40 (each box is 10 points) + 10 for evolving into a human!!
Due date:_____________________________