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The Branches of Science
The scientific study of
matter and energy and
the relations between
• The scientific study of the
structure, properties, and
reactions of the chemical
elements and the compounds
they form.
• The composition, structure,
properties, and reactions of a
• The scientific study of the origin of the
Earth along with its rocks, minerals, and
land forms, and of the history of the
changes these have undergone.
• The structure of a specific region of the
Earth, including its rocks, soils,
mountaines, fossils, and other features.
The scientific study of the
atmosphere and of
atmospheric conditions,
especially as they relate to
The scientific study of the universe and
objects in it, including stars, planets, and
nebulae. Astronomy deals with the
position, size, motion, composition,
energy, and evolution of celestial objects.
Astronomers study not only visible light but
also radio waves, x-rays, and other ranges
of radiation that come from sources
outside the Earth’s atomosphere.
Any of several branches of science,
such as biology, medicine, or
ecology that studies living
organisms and their organization,
life processes, and relationships
to each other and their