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March 13/14 Agenda
Learning Target: Be able to explain star lives
 Today’s Vocabulary:
 Hawking Radiation
 Tidal Acceleration
 Supermassive black hole
March 11/12
 Jeopardy 2
 Gravity Waves reading pg 566. Three paragraph essay-What is this reading about? Why is it important? How
does this tie into what we are learning about?
 Review sheet
 Fieldtrip April 18, I need your forms in by Friday, I can
take 40. Need to pay ASB, $17.00
Let’s Go!!!
 Astronomy Day May 10, 2014
 817 Pacific Ave, Bremerton, WA 98337
 Join us at the Pacific Planetarium on Saturday, May
10th for a FREE day of astronomy activities for
everyone! Look through a telescope or watch a
planetarium show to see what gets astronomers all
excited when they gaze into the universe
Quiz March 13/14
1. A star that is about the size of a city is?
2. What surrounds a white dwarf after a Red Giant
releases it’s envelope of hydrogen and helium??
3. What happens to time as we get closer to an event
4. After an interstellar contracts contracts, what
5. What temperature is need to make helium from