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What is the distance?
• The sun is made of70% Hydrogen 28% Helium
2% metal.
• The sun’s moon’s are the planets around it.
• The sun has NO rotation period.
• The sun’s temperature is 10million degrees
and at its core it is 27million degrees!
• The sun is 1 AU’S from earth!
Where is the sun?
The sun is closest to Mercury.
The sun is 149,600,000km away from earth
The sun was formed 4.56 BILLION years ago.
The asteroid belt is found between Mars and
What’s the size?:
• The sun is 1,390,000km.
• The sun is so far the largest object in the solar
• The size of the sun in miles is 432,200 Miles
Some things you should know!:
• Hydrogen atoms get compressed and fuse
together creating helium, drops below 3.5
million degrees. This is the nuclear fusion.
• The heat and light of the sun can get about 3.5
million degree’s F as it cools, loosing heat and
radiation, matter is blown off as the solar
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