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Unit 1 Early Astronomy
1. Early astronomers identified celestial objects with _________ and
2. List five phenomena that early astronomers linked to celestial changes.
3. Who were the first “professional astronomers?
4. Name one historical site in astronomy.
5. How are stars connected to navigation?
6. Why is astrology a pseudoscience?
7. State the etymological breakdown of the word astronomy.
8. How can amateurs contribute to astronomy?
9. Who first practiced astrometry?
10. For what type of science did Kepler and Newton provide insight?
11. List and explain the two types of professional astronomy.
12. List three other categories used to divide the science of astronomy.
13. Define the following
a. Astrobiology
b. Astrometry
c. Cosmology
d. Galactic astronomy
e. Extragalactic astronomy
f. Planetary science
g. Stellar astronomy
h. Stellar evolution
i. Star formation
j. Archaeoastronomy
k. Astrochemistry