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5th Grade
5.7 Earth, Patterns,
Cycles, and Changes
1. Most volcanoes and earthquakes are located at the boundary of
plates (faults).
2. Weathering is the process of breaking down rocks chemically
and physically.
3. Erosion causes weathered rocks and soil to be washed away.
4. Sedimentary – layers of sediment cemented together
Igneous – melting and cooling lava and magma
Metamorphic – changed by heat and pressure
5. Scientific evidence such as fossils.
6. The layers are the crust, mantel, inner core and outer core. The
two outside layers are made mostly of rocky material. The inner
layers are made mostly of iron and nickel.
7. Farmers and construction companies need to preserve topsoil
by preventing erosion of the land. People can plant trees and
plants to prevent erosion.
8. Rocks can be described by composition, grain size, texture, and
color. Fossils also give information about the rocks.