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Sustainable Businesses
are the best investment
Astana Economic Forum
23 May 2014
Kazakhstan Climate Change Mitigation Program (KCCMP)
Казахстанская программа по сдерживанию изменения климата
Goal: Support Kazakhstan for long-term, transformative development;
accelerate sustainable economic growth while slowing and eventually reversing the
growth of GHG emissions
1. Improve the capacity of the Government of Kazakhstan to implement and
enforce GHG reducing policies and measures
2. Build capacity within the business community to comply with GHG reducing
policies and measures, and
3. Improve the professional education of energy and climate change specialists in
• 3 year program funded by USAID (2014-2016), implemented by Tetra Tech
• Technical experts based in Astana
Kazakhstan is part of the
global effort to
take action on climate change
Transforming to low-carbon economies
Kazakhstan’s Low Carbon Development Efforts
Kazakhstan Strategy for 2050
Law on Energy Savings
Green Economy Concept
Emissions Trading Scheme
International commitments
Greenhouse gas emissions are part of doing business
Price of one ton of CO2
Europe: $6.50/ton
California: $12/ton
Emissions trading schemes
are increasingly being used for carbon mitigation
Source: World Bank, 2013, Mapping Carbon Pricing Initiatives.
Attracting investment
• Understand your risks
• The “new normal” is
GHG management
and disclosure
Take advantage of opportunities from sustainability
• Investments in energy
efficiency can provide
a 2:1 return (or more)
• Growing market for
green products
Low carbon solutions benefit your bottom line
and the climate
The leading businesses
of 2020 and beyond
will be those who are
addressing climate change
in their operations
Sustainable Businesses are the best investment
for today, tomorrow and beyond
Robyn Camp
Deputy Chief of Party
USAID Kazakhstan Climate Change Mitigation Program