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Preparing Print
Chapter 20
Ch 20 Sec 1 Essential Elements of Advertising
What you’ll learn . . .
How ad campaigns are developed
The creation of advertising headlines
The preparation of advertising copy
The selection of advertising illustrations
The significance of advertising signatures
The Advertising Agency
• Advertising agencies work
jointly with business clients
to develop advertising
• An advertising campaign
involves the creation and
coordination of a series of
advertisements (both
This building on Main Street, designed by Frank
broadcast and print)
around a particular theme Gehry, is the headquarters of Chiat / Day / Mojo,
an advertising agency. Its entrance is flanked by a
Claes Oldenburg / Coosje van Bruggen binocular
Developing Print Advertisements
• Print ads are very important to most
• They usually contain four key elements
– Headline
– Copy
– Illustrations
– Signature
• Each element enhances the overall theme of a
product promotion
• The headline is the saying
that gets the readers’
attention, arouses their
interest by providing a benefit,
and leads them to read the
rest of the ad.
• More than 80% of the people
who look at a print ad just read
the headlines.
• A headline provides a benefit
to the reader
Writing Effective Headlines
• Most are brief – many people cannot take in more than seven
words at a time.
• Every headline should have a single focus or main idea.
• Techniques you can use when writing headlines:
– Alliteration (repeating initial consonant sounds) -- Win with
Wireless (Samsung)
– Paradox (a seeming contradiction that could be true) – It’s an
environmental movement all by itself. (Honda Insight)
– Rhyme – Bounty. The Quicker Picker-Upper
– Pun ( a humorous use of a word that suggests two or more of
its meanings or the meaning of another work similar in sound -Beauty and the Beef (Ball Park Franks)
– Play on Words – For Soft Babies and Baby Soft Hands
• The copy is the selling message in a written
• It expands on the information in the headline or the
product shown in the illustration.
• It should be simple and direct
• It should appeal to the senses
• Tell the who, what, when, why, where, and how of your
• Key words used in copy, such as compare,
introducing, now, price, save, easy, and new, establish
immediate contact with the reader.
• It should provide a call to action to shoppers
• The photograph or drawing
used in a print
• Its primary function is to
attract attention
• It should transmit a total
message that would be hard
to communicate just with
• Illustrations may show the
product, how the product
works, and its features.
• No advertisement is complete
without naming its sponsor.
• The signature, or logotype
(logo), is the distinctive
identification symbol for a
• Well-designed signatures get
instant recognition for a
• May support a firm’s signature
• A slogan is often added to the four
main elements of a print ad
• Is a catch phrase or small group of
words that are combined tin a special
way to identify a product or company The Breakfast of Champions
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