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Registered Students:
1. Sign in, pick up a syllabus
On the wait list to add?
1. Allow registered students to
take seats first. Don’t take a
syllabus or other papers at
this time
Sign in
Add your name and e-mail
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Welcome and Introductions
Syllabus and Website overview
Introduction to Sociology
What to do before the next class
Who are you?
1) Tell us your name
2) Pick 2 things to share from the list below:
People might be surprised to know that I _________.
The best part of my day is when______.
I enjoy learning about________.
When I’m not in school I _________.
I work as a ______at _______.
I feel I am a___________(visual, auditory, or kinesthetic) learner.
My major is__________.
I think sociology is _______________________.
• Learn about our society
• Share your opinions and learn from others
• To be able to succeed through hard work and use of
the resources provided
Read the course syllabus in detail before next class
Syllabus also on course website
Class Policies: Text
8th edition/9th
Used online Amazon
Two copies on reserve in the
Class Policies: Text
Reading pages listed on syllabus are for 8th edition
9th edition reading pages on website under Content tab
Class Policies: Communication
Office hours: Mondays 10:55am-11:30am ARTB 320
If you cannot meet during those hours I am happy to make an
Class Policies: Communication
E-mail: be sure to include the following in the subject line:
Subject: Soc 101 MW 7:45
Soc 101 MW 9:30
Soc 101 Online
*If you don’t already, composing e-mails in
a professional manner is a good habit
Class Policies: Communication
Professional e-mails:
open the e-mail with a salutation (such as “Hi Ms. Din”)
complete sentences
Avoid all CAPITALS and ?????
avoid slang, text abbreviations
end with a closing (such as “Sincerely” or “Thank you”)
end with your full name
Class Policies
Assignments are due on the day they are listed:
Class Policies-Responsibility
Late assignments: 1 day late = half points possible (very next day)
Absence and Punctuality Policy:
Come to class
Be on time
Stay for the entire class
In-class assignments cannot be made up, 10 points
4 absences = being dropped from the course
Being absent is not a valid excuse for missing an assignment
Use the syllabus and course website to check due dates
Class Policies- Distractions
Cell Phones: silent mode, put away out of sight (not on your desk or
in your lap). Texting or answering your phone in class will lead to -5
Music devices: put away as soon as class begins
Laptops/tablets/ipads not allowed (see me if you have a special
Class Policies
ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act
Written Assignments: Proof read your work.
Academic Integrity: Plagiarism will result in automatic failure of the
Respect: It is essential that all students in class treat each
other with respect. Learning can only take place in a
positive environment and all students are expected to
behave accordingly.
Positive Learning Environment
1. Sidebar conversations and interruptions during class are
2. Negative comments towards other students are unacceptable
3. Any talking during a test or student/guest presentation is
Violation of classroom policies will lead to disciplinary action.
Participation guidelines
 Allow others to finish their thoughts (do not interrupt)
 Raise your hand so everyone has a chance to share
 Allow for a variety of opinions
 Be respectful when you disagree, focus on their comment not them as a
 Not sure what to say in class?
Do the reading and pay attention to the news: NPR 89.9, BBC World News, New
York Times online are good sources
Course Website
Check your campus e-mail and the class website regularly
Why study sociology?
Video clip from MacEwan University
Quick Write-3 minutes
1. ANSWER ONLY ONE of the following questions. Use clear
2. Do not write your name on the paper, some will be read aloud
What is your biggest question about this course?
What is one way you think learning about
sociology might help you in life?
What is your biggest fear about this course?
What is sociology?
Branches of Science
Natural Sciences
Earth Science
Social Sciences
What is sociology?
The systematic
study of human society
social groups
and social interactions
1. Always introduce yourself
2. Every group member must contribute
3. Allow others to complete their thoughts, be respectful
4. Ask others for input
5. Focus and put in your best effort
-Not a time to check cell phones
-Not a time for restroom breaks
7. Listen for buzzer and when
other groups share
In a group of 5
Introduce yourselves
Select a recorder
On a scale of 1-10, how strong is this influence in your lives?
What are 2 ways it can be a positive influence?
What are 2 ways it can be a negative influence?
Would we be better off with or without this influence? Why?
Select 1-3 people to share your ideas
End discussions when you hear this
sound and face the front
(8 minutes)
On a scale of 1-10, how strong is this influence in your lives?
What are 2 ways it can be a positive influence?
What are 2 ways it can be a negative influence?
Would we be better off with or without this influence? Why?
Select 1-3 people to share your ideas
What you had to say:
What is your biggest fear?
What is your biggest question?
What is one way you think learning about
sociology might help you in life?
Due next class
Also read text pages and article on website “How To
Take Effective Class Notes”
Read the syllabus and visit the class website
Complete the Syllabus and Website Contract
Read Ch 1: pages 2-5, 11-16 and article on website “How To Take
Effective Class Notes”
Make sure you signed the sign in sheet before leaving
See me after class about adding
Next class: Why do we study sociology? How do sociologists think?
What is society?
Society is like…
1)Society is like the human body.
Every part serves a function
2)Society is like the NFL
Everyone is in competition
3)Society is like a play.
We are all actors on a stage.
3 Ways to Participate
1. Make a connection
Class to self connection
“This reminds me of something that happened to me (or my
friend/family member/ co-worker)…”
Class to class connection
Class to world connections (news, travels, life experience)
Ways to Participate
2. Agree
“I agree with Sara and I want to add…”
“I agree with Sara’s opinion, but for a different reason…”
“Another example of…is…”
Ways to Participate
3. Disagree (don’t think you’re the only one)
“I don’t think that is always the case, for example…”
“I understand Jason’s point, but I have also heard the argument…”
“I think there are some exceptions…”
“Someone on the other side of that topic might say…”
“An example of when that is not always the case might be…”
Ways to Participate
4. Ask questions
Students who succeed in this class
Check syllabus and
website regularly
Come to class
Pay attention and
Do the
Use study guides
and assignment
Internet technology
Internet technology
engines and
(lyrics, music
videos, ipods,
celebrity artists…)
technology specifically
Linkedin, etc.)
cell phones
(billboards, tv
commercials, radio
ads, magazine