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What is Sociology?
It is the study of the social
Social Science
“social” = society and social relationships
“science” = facts, systematic study
Social Science = the scientific study of
human society and social relationships!
There are many areas of study
within the social sciences:
Each social science studies
humans through their own “lens”
What does
that mean?
An example
What do the social sciences focus on
when studying humans? (examples)
Anthropologist: history of human groups; who they are
in their environment - including their struggles, way of
life, ancestry, traditions, values, etc.
Geographer: how humans interact with their
environment, how they are influenced by location.
Sociologist: analyzes group and individual interactions
and social issues our personal lives, our communities,
and the world.
Such as: discrimination and prejudice, poverty and wealth,
deviant behaviour, family conflict, racial and gender identify,
social movements, historical changes, etc.
Political Scientist: interested in looking at the
social structure and organization of societies,
(big and small).
Psychologist: interested in answering the why
behind a persons behaviour: feelings
(emotions), memories, experiences, motivations,
joys, hurts, etc.
Comparing Sociology to…
Individuals and
how they may
interact with
(comparison/contrast) BEHAVIOUR
Groups and who
they are in their
physical and
social settings,
their culture.
Groups and
interaction within
Sociology Research Methods
Sociologists will often conduct research to
find answers.
They will emphasize the careful gathering
and analysis of evidence about social life
to develop and enrich our understanding
of key social processes.
Sheldon Cooper -
So what does it mean to think like a
A Successful Sociologist Makes the Familiar
It takes critical thinking!
It takes practice!
It takes collaboration and self reflection
Develop an understanding of key social theorists
and perspectives (we will do this together!)
Baby steps…be open minded, be respectful, ask
questions, look at the who, why, how of social issues
and social interactions.
Your Task
Comparing & Contrasting Sociology,
Anthropology, and Psychology
Venn Diagram Activity