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Sociology as a social science
What is Sociology?
“Soci” = Society
“Ology” = Science
Sociology is the
study of social
behavior or society
in a scientific
Sociologists mainly look at two aspects of the
Social Interaction
How people
relate to one
another and
influence one
Observable facts
or events in
human society
A society is a group of interdependent people who have organized in such a
way to share a common culture and feeling of unity.
How to think like a Sociologist?
1. Sociological Imagination
• Ability to see the connection between the
larger world and your personal life
• Seeing the relations between impersonal
and intimate features of human life
How to think like a Sociologist?
2. Sociological Perspective
• Looking at social life in a scientific,
systematic way
• Looking beyond commonly held beliefs
• Trying to find patterns