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Course type: A Level
Duration: 2 years
Subject entry requirements: Minimum Sixth Form entry requirements, including 1 grade
C or above in a Humanities GCSE subject.
Course Description: Sociology is the study of society. Sociologists are interested in the
interaction that takes place between groups and individuals within and contrasting with
other societies. They offer theories that provide explanations for the way in which we as
individuals can shape the society and the impact society has upon the individual.
Sociologists tend not to agree, so this course equips students with the ability to think
critically, analyse, evaluate, debate and how to write an essay.
A Level
Course content:
The course consists of 3 Papers which will
be examined after 2 years.
Introduction to Sociological concepts and
3 Exam Papre
Paper 1 - Education with Theory and
Methods (worth 33.3% of A Level exam).
Paper 2 - Topics in Sociology opting for
Families and Households and The
Media (worth 33.3% of A Level exam).
Paper 3 - Crime and Deviance with
Theory and Methods (worth 33.3% of A
Level exam).
Assessment: 100% examination
A Level
Students will take formal examinations at
the end of the 2 year course. They will sit
three 2 hour examinations, each paper is
equally weighted.
Future opportunities:
Sociology is a well-respected discipline with a long history. It is not an easy option and is
considered to be an academic subject by all top universities! It is useful for a range of
different Higher Education courses and/or careers including Politics, Social Policy,
History, Psychology, Social Work, Counselling, Nursing, Law, the Police Force,
Journalism, Teaching, Media work, Business, Youth Work…the list is endless!
Shouldn’t everyone benefit from a course that teaches us how to better understand the
world we live in?