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Critical Sociology
The study of society that focuses
on the need for social change
Karl Marx argued………
 Rejected
the idea that society exists
as a “natural” system with a fixed
 To assume this means that society
CANNOT change.
Scientific VS Critical
supports the status quo
focuses on the change
Importance of change
moral and political questions:
society exist in its present
Weber’s view
Don’t be objective; value-free
Become social activists and pursue
desirable change.
Identify and encourage
 Seek
to change society
 Push to change the character of the
 Identify personally with research
 Encourage them to help decide what
to study
Voice of the people
 Be
the voice of the less fortunate…..
 Be the voice of the less powerful……
 Be the voice of the unequal…….
 Fight
for more equality
Science Sociology vs Critical
Scientific sociologists
Critical sociologists
Do NOT take sides
All research is political or biased
It is too political
Either it calls for change or not
Lacks objectivity
no choice about politics
Cannot correct for its own biases
Can choose positions to support
Activist organization
knowledge to action
Understand the world AND try
to improve it
Appeals to liberal and radical