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Institute for Social Science Research in Natural Resources
The ISSRNR is located in the Department of Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology, and is a joint project of faculty
in Sociology and Applied Economics at USU. The laboratory is equipped with computers that have a range of
statistical and graphical software packages. The ISSRNR provides space for graduate assistants working on faculty
research projects, and fosters relationships between sociologists and faculty in allied agricultural and natural resource
science disciplines. Faculty affiliated with the ISSRNR have extensive experience using multiple research methods to
explore human dimensions of natural resource
problems. Much of our work focuses on resource
management challenges in the Intermountain
Recent projects include:
- A national study of agriculture in urbanizing
- A statewide survey of Utah citizens on
preferences for public lands managment
- Qualitative interviews with energy industry personnel about the use of environmental practices
- Surveys of recycling program coordinators in mid-sized cities across the western United States