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1.1 describe the discipline of sociology as a social science through the examination of selected social issues
• Define social science.
• Define sociology.
• Differentiate sociology from other social sciences, including anthropology and psychology.
• Describe the ways in which sociologists examine the world.
Social science
Political science
The scientific study of human society and social
The study of the development, structure, and
functioning of human society. The study of
human problems. The systematic study of
human society and social interaction. p.4
The study of past events, particularly in human
The study of the physical features of the earth
and its atmosphere, and of human activity as it
affects and is affected by these.
The branch of knowledge that deals with
systems of government.
The scientific study of the human mind and its
functions, especially those affecting behavior in
a given context.
The study of the origins, physical and cultural
development, biological characteristics, and
social customs and beliefs of humankind.
The study of the production, distribution, and
consumption of goods and services.
How do sociologists examine our world? List the ways.
They would focus on the social environment, analyzing why and under what
circumstances behaviour takes place. p.3
They use existing sociological theories and methods of inquiry to sort out
probable answers from unlikely ones. p.3
They use scientific standards, not popular myths or hearsay. They use
systematic research techniques. p.6
Some would be most interested in the demographic profiles (e.g. age, marital
status, occupation, etc.). p.3
They attempt to discover pattern or commonalities in human behaviour. They
seek out the multiple causes and effects of a social issue. p.6
They use the sociological imagination (the ability to see the relationship between
individual experiences and the larger society). p.8
They must reach beyond past studies (North American) and develop a more
global approach. p.9