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Sociology Chapter 1 Section 1
Name ____________________________
1. Sociologists are mainly interested in social _____________________________.
2. ____________________ is the science that studies human society and social
3. A social ______________________________ is an observable fact or event.
4. The ability to see the connection between the larger world and our personal lives
is what C. Wright Mills termed the sociological _______________.
5. The examination of the organization and operation of governments is the focus
of _________________________ science.
6. ___________________ is the study of past events.
7. ______________________________ is the social science closest to sociology in
its subject matter.
8. The social science that deals with the behavior and thinking of organisms is
9. ____________________________________ is the study of the choices people
make in an effort to satisfy their wants and needs.
The related disciplines that study various aspects of human social behavior
are called the __________________________ sciences.