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Basic Concepts of Sociology
The Sociological Point of View
(pp. 3-7)
Objectives: 1. Tell what sociology is
2. Define social patterns and social characteristics
3. Explain why social patterns are important to sociologists
4. Describe the sociological perspective
1. Read the introduction on pages 3 and 4.
The Sociological Point of View
2. How would a sociologist approach the study of the pep rally as described
in the chapter introduction? Give at least one example.
What are social patterns?
What are social characteristics?
Social Interaction
5. From where do social patterns develop?
Define social interaction.
Why are social patterns important in our daily lives?
Whom do socialists study?
8. Whom do sociologists study?
Describe two types.
Give a sociological definition of group.
Give two examples.
10. Define Sociology:
11. Explain the difference in the ways an anthropologist, a psychiatrist and a
sociologist would approach the study of marriage.